Due Terre Grillo 2019


Grillo is a relatively recent indigenous grape of Sicily. It has gained popularity for white wines of a variety of styles. Grown 400m above sea level this wine is the perfect aromatic expression of the grape, perfect with fish and seafood and even something with  bit of spice.

The winery was founded by Vito Lauria who revitalised his family’s old operation upon returning to Sicily from his studies and work experiences in Northern Italy. Due Terre is based on important, historic relationships that Vito has with small, family growers working organically around Mt. Bonifato. These are growers that have usually been practising organics for many, many years and who have genuine engagement with the vines and love for their land. Wines are all fermented on native yeast and guided in to the bottle with the aim of letting the quality of the fruit speak without the need for manipulation or heavy sulphite doses.

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