The Scholium Project 'Prince In His Caves' 2017


This 100% skin-contact Sauvignon Blanc is dry, complex and subtle. IIntensely peachy and rich with fresh stone-fruit flavours.

One of the originals in the natural wine scene of the USA. A wild, orange Sauvignon Blanc with aromas of peach and exotic fruit with earthy notes.

Uncompromising, single vineyard wines from the fearless experimenter of California. Back in the early 2000s, before anyone outside of a handful of cult Napa producers was looking seriously at the historic old single vineyards of California, Abe Schoner started bottling a single vineyard, oxidative, natural, skin fermented Sauvignon Blanc from a tiny, low yielding site on Sonoma Mountain. He was ahead of his time. We are always excited to see what Abe is doing next.

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