Thomas Labaille Sancerre 'Aristedes' 2019


Domaine Thomas Labaille Sancerre ‘Aristides’ – From the famous hillside vinyard of Mont Damnes, the Sancerre Aristides sees a small amount of ageing in old oak, contributing to a rounder, fuller flavoured Sancerre. Aromas of stone fruit, ripe citrus and stony, mineral aromas. Really characterful and excellent value Sancerre for the price.

Domaine Thomas Labaille is located in Chavignol, right at the heart of the Sancerre region. Current wine maker Jean-Paul adheres to many of the older traditions of the area including slightly later picking dates and the use of some old barrels for some of the wines. Viticulture is without the use of herbicides or pesticides and is very much hands on. The resulting wines lean towards a more full flavoured, textured style compared to the current norm in Sancerre, increasing in depth of flavour and ripeness as you taste up the range but always retaining brisk acidity and the mineral edge of the region

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